Employee Mental Health Program

Increase employee happiness, engagement, and productivity by providing your employees with a safe therapy environment where they can resolve their struggles.

How It Works
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Why Hiwell for Your Team's Mental Health?

An online therapy platform that provides safe, personalized, accessible and sustainable psychotherapy services with licensed online therapists..

Licensed Therapists

Hiwell works with licensed clinical psychologists who completed our comprehensive interviews and requirements.

Personalised Therapy Journey

Hiwell matches you with the best therapist according to your needs and wants.

Accessible Therapy

With Hiwell, you can get therapy from anywhere, anytime.

100% Confidentiality

Your therapy sessions are not accessible nor recordable by any third parties, including Hiwell.

Contact Us for The Best Solution!

You can schedule a meeting with our corporate consultants so that we can understand your unique needs and provide the optimal solution for your company.

How It Works

With Hiwell Corporate Solution Package, you can improve your team's mental health and invest in a happier and more efficient team.

Analysis of Business Needs
Exclusive Session Pool
Orientation Training
One-to-one video sessions with a licensed therapist
Weekly Reports

Improve mental wellness, improve productivity

After 12 weeks of therapy, employees report feeling more energized, engaged, and productive at work. Scientific studies have also shown:
- 50%
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50% fewer work hours missed
+ 36%
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36% increase in productivity
+ 39%
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39% better work-life balance
1 unit invested in the mental health of employees yields 5 units of return for businesses.
Improvement in business relations
Increased loyalty to the company
Employee turnover reduction
Increased motivation

Customised Training Programs for Your Team

With the professional help of licensed therapists at Hiwell, you can create a healthy and productive work environment and boost employee motivation and performance through webinars that are tailored to the needs of your company and your employees.

Mental Health and Therapy
Conflict Management in Business Life
Public Speaking
Stress Management
Parenting and Work Life
Emotional First Aid

With happy and healthy employees, success is inevitable.

With Hiwell Corporate Solution Package, you can improve your team's mental health and invest in a happier and more efficient team.