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Clinical Psychologist Çağla Karabulut
Clinical Psychologist

She completed her bachelor's degree in psychology and her master's degree in clinical psychology at the Izmir University of Economics. During her master's degree program, she got training and supervision on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) from Asst. Prof. Yasemin MERAL ÖĞÜTÇÜ and Dr. Özge ŞAHİN at the Application and Research Center of the Izmir University of Economics. Also, she works with cou

Clinical Psychologist Derya Pilor Torun
Clinical Psychologist

She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Psychology in English. Soon after she graduated from college, she got her master's degree from Bournemouth University's Foundations of Clinical Psychology Thesis-Based Master's program. This was her first step toward becoming a therapist and building on the theoretical knowledge she had learned in college. She wrote her thesis on "The eff

Clinical Psychologist Irmak Özen
Clinical Psychologist

She completed her psychology undergraduate education at Bilgi University and the University of Liverpool, and she graduated with a double diploma and an honors degree. Immediately after her undergraduate education, she started her graduate education in Clinical Psychology at the University of Sussex in England. She successfully completed her master's degree with her project titled "The Effects of

Clinical Psychologist Rabia Yalın Aydemir
Clinical Psychologist

She graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Psychology. She wrote her undergraduate thesis on "Parenting Stress and Postpartum Depression and its Relationship with Co-Parenting." She graduated from Bournemouth University's Master's Program in Clinical Psychology. She wrote her master's thesis on "Gender Differences in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder." During her undergraduate and graduate

Clinical Psychologist Suna Kudun
Clinical Psychologist

She completed her psychology degree at Özyeğin University. During this period, he completed his internship at the French Lape Psychiatric Hospital in order to gain experience and improve herself in the professional field by doing internships in various institutions. She is also involved in many community organizations as a volunteer. After completing her undergraduate education in psychology at Öz

Clinical Psychologist Aslı Tanel
Clinical Psychologist

Aslı Tanel, a sociologist and certified psychotherapist, received a full scholarship to complete her double major education at Yeditepe University's Sociology and Psychology departments, both taught in English. During her undergraduate education, she did internships in many psychological counseling centers and worked as a research assistant on a project for the European Union. She studied through

Clinical Psychologist Beste Aydoğan
Clinical Psychologist

After completing her undergraduate studies in psychology at Koc University, she completed her graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at Groningen University in the Netherlands. During both her undergraduate and graduate years, she completed internships at various institutions and received a great deal of praise from her supervisors for her hard work and dedication. After obtaining her master's de

Clinical Psychologist Çağın Türkeli
Clinical Psychologist

After getting his Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University on a full scholarship from ÖSYM, he volunteered in social integration studies with autistic and psychotic individuals for three years, and then worked as a psychotherapist and early playgroup companion in various kindergartens in Istanbul for eight years. Since he graduated from Üsküdar University's Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologist Ceylin Candaş
Clinical Psychologist

After graduating from the Department of Psychology at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, she completed her master's degree in Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychology at the same university. During her education, she worked as a volunteer psychologist in various institutions. Afterwards, she worked as an intern clinical psychologist in the psychiatry department of the Geneva University

Clinical Psychologist Gökçe Naz Tellioğlu
Clinical Psychologist

She completed her undergraduate education in psychology at Bilkent University on a scholarship and with an honors degree. During her undergraduate education, she did her internship at various institutions such as Hacettepe University Hospital, Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Training and Research Hospital, Schizophrenia Patients and Association for Rapprochement. She got an ERASMUS + scholarship and cont

Clinical Psychologist Necla Karaca
Clinical Psychologist

She completed her undergraduate education at Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Psychology. During her undergraduate studies, she had the opportunity to do many internships and volunteer work. She volunteered for social responsibility projects at a variety of institutions, including TEGV and KAÇUV. She completed her internship at Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital in her undergraduate years. Duri

Counsellor / Psychotherapist Onat Özden
Counsellor / Psychotherapist

Mr. Ozden is currently on his 4th year of a doctoral program in Existential Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy, working on his dissertation. As of December 2020, he has achieved the equivalence of MProf Level. At the moment Mr. Ozden completed more than 650+ hours of supervised counselling (supervision constituting both group and 1 to 1) and 150 hours of personal therapy of existential orien

Clinical Psychologist Selin Yalçın
Clinical Psychologist

She graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Psychology, where she was awarded a 50% scholarship and with a High Honors degree. Then, she graduated from Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Clinical Psychology Master's Program. She received theoretical and supervised Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy training as well as training on a variety of psychological assessment and evaluation tools

Clinical Psychologist Tuğçe Peker
Clinical Psychologist

She graduated from Istanbul Saint Joseph French High School. She was accepted to the Department of Psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University. After graduating, she started her MSc in Clinical Psychology at Kingston University, London. She completed her master's degree with a thesis titled "The Effects of Bullying on the Social and Academic Lives of Young Students." During her undergraduate years, sh

Clinical Psychologist Ülkü Dursun
Clinical Psychologist

She was born in Belgium. Her multicultural lifestyle has been influential in shaping her work as a psychologist. Between 2009 and 2021, she worked in the « Groupe Santé Josaphat » Family Planning Organization in Brussels in areas such as psychotherapy, psychological counseling, training on emotional, sexual, and relational life, and psychological support for abortion procedures. Within the framewo