For each item, please choose the option to indicate the degree to which you feel the statement is characteristic or true for you.

1 - I get nervous if I have to speak with someone in authority (teacher, boss, etc.).

2 - I have difficulty making eye contact with others.

3 - I become tense if I have to talk about myself or my feelings.

4 - I find it difficult to mix comfortably with the people I work with.

5 - I find it easy to make friends my own age.

6 - I tense up if I meet an acquaintance in the street.

7 - When mixing socially‚ I am uncomfortable.

8 - I feel tense if I am alone with just one other person.

9 - I am at ease meeting people at parties‚ etc.

10 - I have difficulty talking with other people.

11 - I find it easy to think of things to talk about.

12 - I worry about expressing myself in case I appear awkward.

13 - I find it difficult to disagree with another’s point of view.

14 - I have difficulty talking to attractive persons of the opposite sex.

15 - I find myself worrying that I won’t know what to say in social situations.

16 - I am nervous mixing with people I don’t know well.

17 - I feel I’ll say something embarrassing when talking.

18 - When mixing in a group‚ I find myself worrying I will be ignored.

19 - I am tense mixing in a group.

20 - I am unsure whether to greet someone I know only slightly.

*The tests on our website do not provide medical advice or make a diagnosis. A disorder can only be diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

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