Below several grief reactions are listed. Please indicate how often you have experienced each reaction in the past month in response to the death of your loved one.

1 - I had intrusive thoughts or images related to the person who died.

2 - I experienced intense emotional pain, sadness, or pangs of grief.

3 - I found myself longing or yearning for the person who died.

4 - I experienced confusion about my role in life or a diminished sense of self.

5 - I had trouble accepting the loss.

6 - I avoided places, objects, or thoughts that reminded me that the person I lost has died.

7 - It was hard for me to trust others.

8 - I felt bitterness or anger related to his/her death.

9 - I felt that that moving on (e.g., making new friends, pursuing new interests) was difficult for me.

10 - I felt emotionally numb.

11 - I felt that life is unfulfilling or meaningless without him/her.

12 - I felt stunned, shocked, or dazed by his/her death.

13 - I noticed significant reduction in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning (e.g., domestic responsibilities) as a result of his/her death.

14 - I had intrusive thoughts and images associated with the circumstances of his/her death.

15 - I experienced difficulty with positive reminiscing about the lost person.

16 - I had negative thoughts about myself in relation to the loss (e.g., thoughts about self-blame)

17 - I had a desire to die in order to be with the deceased.

18 - I felt alone or detached from other individuals.

19 - It felt unreal that he/she is dead.

20 - I put an intense blame on others because of his/her death.

21 - It felt as if a part of me has died along with the deceased.

22 - I had difficulties experiencing positive feelings.

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