Based on your answers to the questionnaire, you will be matched with the most suitable online therapist. You can contact your therapist by logging into the Hiwell mobile application or via Before staring your online therapy journey, you can video call your online therapist for 15 minutes free of charge and ask your questions. You can find our mobile app on the App Store, Google Play Store, and App Gallery.

You can message your therapist about the dates you are available or by selecting slots from the suggested dates. Your therapist will reach you within 24 hours to set up the 15-minute free-of-charge video call before starting your online therapy journey.

You can purchase sessions from the Hiwell mobile application and web portal. The fee for 1 session is $55 for all therapists. Don't forget to check out our packages!

You can join the online therapy sessions both on your mobile device and your computer.

Hiwell's team is made up of qualified therapists who are registered with the BPS or HCPC, or therapists and counsellors who are certified by the BACP or UKCP.

You can join your meetings on Hiwell at any time convenient for both parties.

There is no audio or video recording of your calls. All your information is protected by encryption and is not shared with third parties under any circumstances. Your payments are made on encrypted pages.

Therapists do not have the authority to prescribe medications or make an official diagnosis. Only a medical doctor has the authority to make a diagnosis and prescribe medication. Please contact the nearest medical facility for the following situations, and do not use Hiwell: -When thoughts of harming yourself or someone else arise -When you have suicidal thoughts -At the time of an emergency crisis -In cases where medication and a diagnosis are necessary

You can always contact us from the Help Center on our mobile application or via

Psychological tests are assessment instruments that help people learn more about themselves by identifying their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and symptoms. Psychological tests can be used to assess the severity of disorders such as anxiety, stress, or depression, as well as cognitive abilities such as memory and focus. Scientific psychology tests are developed in accordance with scientific methodology and theories.

No, the results of psychological tests do not make a medical diagnosis. Only a psychiatrist can diagnose a psychiatric disorder. Psychology tests on our site only aim to raise awareness of various psychological problems.

Scientific studies show that the tests on our site are psychological tests that are safe, valid and give accurate results for most of the society. However, like any other test, they are prepared for the general population; your unique characteristics and situation may cause you to get results that differ from the general. For your test results and problems, you can get further evaluation by contacting expert psychologists on the Hiwell Psychological Counseling platform.

Psychological tests are important and useful in successfully screening many psychological problems and raising awareness about psychological issues. It provides an objective assessment of the severity of problems and symptoms. The results of these tests are used in mental health assessment.

Principles of psychometry, also known as the field of scientific test preparation, are used to develop psychological tests. Preliminary trials are conducted using feedback from target groups and data analysis. It is presented to users at the end of development after all tests have been proven in scientific studies as valid, safe, and accurate. All of the psychological tests on Hiwell Psychological Counseling platform have been scientifically validated and provide accurate results.

Psychological tests are classified according to who will administer them: clinician-administered tests and self-administered tests. All of the psychological tests on our website are self-administered tests with immediate results. It is, however, recommended that the assessment be conducted with a mental health professional on Hiwell Online Therapy platform.

Using the method of the science of psychological testing (psychometry), a good psychology test is made by making and testing sets of questions. All of the online psychology tests on Hiwell Online Therapy platform ensure these standards.

You can send us your studies on psychological tests and scales that you have created for a thesis or scientific research, we will be happy to add your scales to our website as part of this free service we provide on Hiwell Online Therapy platform, after checking the reliability and validity of your scale.

There are numerous articles on the Hiwell Blog about psychology, psychological problems, and therapy. There are informative articles on a wide range of topics, from stress to relationship issues, grief to insomnia, and anxiety to narcissism. Similarly, we have many articles where you can learn about different types of therapy and approaches, including online therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy, and get answers to your therapy-related questions.

The articles on our blog are written by therapists who have at least a bachelor's degree in psychology. These articles have been edited and checked before they are posted on our blog. Our expert therapists, who currently provide psychotherapy services on the Hiwell Online Therapy platform, also write articles in their areas of interest and expertise.

To make the information we present as reliable as possible, all of our articles on the Hiwell Psychology and Psychotherapy Blog is produced on the basis of scientific sources. Scientific studies are used to back up the information in the article, and the "Sources" section at the bottom of the page lists all the scientific sources that were used.

No. Only a psychiatrist can make a diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. Hiwell Blog posts on psychology-related topics are solely for educational purposes. General information about mental health problems and sometimes psychiatric disorders is provided in the articles to raise awareness based on scientific sources, but everyone's story and problems are unique. As a result, if you believe the contents of any article match your symptoms, we strongly suggest you seek the advice of a mental health professional rather than self-diagnose.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our articles and receive topic suggestions. You can share your thoughts or topics for us to discuss on our social media accounts. After we've evaluated how well the topic fits with Hiwell Blog and how it fits into our publication schedule, we can add the content in the title you suggest to the publication schedule.

To cite our blog articles, you must cite the Hiwell Online Therapy Platform as a source and provide a link to the relevant blog content. You can include the link to the article as a link in your content or as a source at the end. In the same way, you can share parts of our articles on social media by linking to the full article.

We list the sources that our authors used while creating the content below each of our articles. These sources can offer more information on the topic.

If you believe you are suffering from psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, hopelessness, helplessness, or a sense of being unable to cope, you should consider beginning therapy. Mental health is an essential component of physical health. As a result, if you have any concerns or questions about your health, we recommend that you seek professional help as soon as possible. Hiwell Online Therapy and Psychological Counseling's expert therapists provide you with professional, ethical, and reliable psychological support services on the issues you need.

An online therapist is a psychology graduate with a Master's Degree who provides psychological counseling or therapy services over the internet using a computer, tablet, or phone. With Hiwell, you can talk to licensed online therapists about any topic you want, no matter where you are or what time it is.

An online therapist can help you with a variety of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, sexual problems, relationship problems, social anxiety, and the grieving process. Online therapy can help anyone better understand and know themselves, set goals, deal with mental health problems, and live a more aware life based on their experiences.

Starting online therapy with an online therapist can help with a wide range of mental health issues that can affect your daily life, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems, stress, and a lack of self-confidence. Many studies have found that online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy in terms of improving quality of life and reducing the symptoms of psychological problems.

Many factors can influence how frequently you meet with an online therapist, including the severity of your problems and their impact on your daily life, your preferences, and your therapist's approach. Taking all of this into account, you and your therapist can decide how frequently you will see each other.

Individuals who receive therapy or psychological counseling are called "clients." During the therapy process, the client shares their feelings in a safe environment and progresses on their path to feeling better in collaboration with their therapist.

The reasons for the client's starting therapy and current problems are discussed in the first session. Your therapist can give you an overview of the therapy process and what to expect in therapy. Some therapists like a more structured format of questions and answers, while others would rather you take the lead.

By answering the questions we ask to get to know you better, you'll be matched with the best therapist for your needs and expectations on Hiwell. Our licensed therapists' training and experience details are available on our website's Therapists page. On the Hiwell online therapy platform, you can choose from more than 500 licensed therapists who work in a variety of fields and have been through a thorough evaluation process.

Hiwell's online therapists must first pass a comprehensive assessment and interview process. After a meticulous examination and interview process, licensed therapists who have completed their master's degrees are added to the Hiwell licensed online therapist team.

All Hiwell licensed therapists are competent individuals who have earned a master's degree in clinical psychology or a related field and have advanced in their areas of expertise. On the Online Therapists page, you can view our therapists' educational and professional backgrounds at any time.

We will match you with the therapist who best meets your needs after you answer the questions we ask to get to know you better through the Hiwell app or website. Your therapist will contact you via the Hiwell Web Platform or Hiwell Mobile App to plan a 15-minute welcoming video call. If you decide to continue therapy, you can contact your therapist via these channels to schedule sessions, change them, or cancel them.

You and your therapist agree on appointment times and days that are convenient for both of you. On our platform, over 500 licensed therapists are available at a variety of times during the week and on weekends. This allows you to schedule your sessions in the most effective way for your schedule.

No, your online conversations with your therapist are not recorded. Only you and your therapist are permitted to attend the session. Everything you share on the Hiwell platform is encrypted and secure. As a result, you can join your sessions with complete client confidentiality.

According to the principle of confidentiality in therapy, what is said in sessions is not shared with a third party; the sessions are held only with the client and the therapist present. However, depending on what you want to get out of therapy and what your needs are, your therapist may ask you to bring a family member or partner to some sessions.

Fees for psychological counseling and therapy with an online therapist may vary depending on the platform from which you receive service. Hiwell's 15-minute welcoming video call with your online therapist is free. If you want to continue seeing your therapist, you can make an appointment and purchase a session. The fee for 1 session is $55 for all therapists. We offer a variety of session packages at reduced rates so that you can get the most out of the therapy process at a reasonable cost.

When you register on the Hiwell website or application and start planning your sessions, you can enter your payment information and make your purchase with a credit or debit card. If you wish, you can save your cards and make your next purchase quickly. All your information is securely stored on the Craftgate infrastructure.

Therapy is a specialized service that can only be provided by those who have received specialized training in this field. This service is offered for a fee in exchange for the training and time required to provide it. Hiwell offers this professional service to its users at the most reasonable price possible in order to make therapy accessible to all.

No, your session with the therapist will not show up in your records. Unless there is an exceptional circumstance (such as when someone is committing a crime or someone's life is in danger), therapists are required by law to protect their clients' confidentiality and not share their information with other people. Meeting with the therapist and attending therapy are not documented.

"Therapists" are individuals who have completed their psychology education with a Master's Degree. Psychiatrists, on the other hand, are medical doctors who have specialized in the field of psychiatry. In some cases, psychotherapy can be supplemented with the additional help of a psychiatrist and drug therapy. Following your initial meeting or during therapy, your therapist may recommend that you see a psychiatrist. Meeting with a licensed therapist can help you map out this process.

You can change your therapist on the profile page with the details of the psychologist, or if you wish, you can change your therapist by talking to our teammates via the client support line.