The following questions ask thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you may have in various situations. Answer the situation that worries you the most, thinking about the last 7 days.

1 - I have felt moments of sudden terror, fear, or fright in these situations.

2 - I have felt anxious, worried, or nervous about these situations.

3 - I have had thoughts of being injured, overcome with fear, or other bad things happening in these situations.

4 - I have felt a racing heart, sweaty, trouble breathing, faint, or shaky in these situations.

5 - I have felt tense muscles, felt on edge or restless, or had trouble relaxing in these situations.

6 - I have avoided, or did not approach or enter, these situations.

7 - I have moved away from these situations or left them early.

8 - I have spent a lot of time preparing for, or procrastinating about (i.e., putting off), these situations.

9 - I have distracted myself to avoid thinking about these situations.

10 - I have needed help to cope with these situations (e.g., alcohol or medications, superstitious objects, other people).

*The tests on our website do not provide medical advice or make a diagnosis. A disorder can only be diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

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